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Cheap saddles

.Horse saddles are known to be expensive as they are often hand made by professional saddle makers with high quality leather. Finding saddles at the best prices is tedious as you still want high quality and a reputable seller.

Finding a cheap high quality saddle is still possible, especially if you are ok with synthetic materials. Synthetic saddles have a lower price range and tend to be more lighweight. Alot of cheap saddles are sold straight from the manufacturer in India on Ebay and Alibaba. These website does however have lower trust and shipping time is longer, and most of them don't accept returns. So try to stay buy from a local saddle shop to make sure you don't get scammed and you have the option to return if it doesn't fit your horse. Poor-quality saddles won't last as long and can be dangerous as you could fall of your horse if a piece breaks when you are riding.

 Some key area to look out for when shopping for a saddle:

  • Is the seat padded? You will have a more comfortable ride if the seat is soft with padding as the sit bones can get sore otherwise. A hard seat. is not fun, trust me I've learnt from personal experience.
  • Saddle fit - Is the saddle sold with a gullet size that is right size for your horse? Or can it be adjusted? Sometimes saddle are sold with a choice of widths for the gullet.
  • Is the second hand value of the saddle brand reasonable (will it be easy for you to sell it in a few years if you decide to sell it in the future)? 

If you are on the lookout for a new saddle at an affordable price, then you have come to the right place. See our list of the 5 cheapest saddles in each category including trail saddles and english saddles.

3 Cheapest Western Saddles (Under $300)

Whether you are looking for a barrel racing saddle, roper saddle or everyday trail saddle - it need to be high quality and the perfect fit for you and your horse. Also lookout for deals as some western saddles are sold as kits with extra western tack such as western bridles and western girths.


  1. Tough-1 King Series Krypton Western Trail Saddle $219.99

    The above saddle is a synthetic trail saddle with a fibreglass tree.

  2. Roughout 16 Inch Saddle With Tooled Leather Accents $219.99


    Leather western saddle with off billet and tie strap included.

  3. 16 Inch Economy Western Saddle With Barb Wire Tool Border $259.99

     A great first saddle for pleasure riding, trail, or training.

3 Cheapest English Saddles (Under $300)

An english saddle is a saddle used for english disciplines such as showjumping, hunter jumping and eventing and dressage. The top 3 cheapest saddles are: 

  1. Equiroyal Newport all Purpose Saddle $149

 cheap jump saddle

All purpose saddle with a plastic tree.

2. Silver Fox Dressage Saddle $199

cheap dressage saddle
Long billet dressage saddle with a laminated tree.


3. Golden Leather Jump Saddle $299

 cheap jump saddle


Jump saddle made of leather in a stylish  design and set to a medium gullet.

The Most Expensive Saddle Ever Sold

The most expensive horse saddle sold (according to: Guinness Book of Records) was used to belong to the Crown Prince of Dubai. It sold at an auction in 2015 for $653,234 USD.

The most expensive on google shopping as of 2023 is the Sterling on Black Parade Western Saddle advertised for $50,000. This antique cowboy saddle is sold as a kit with a headstall and is made with over 100 sterling silver conchos

 most expensive saddle ever



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