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Best saddle for High Withered Horse

Are you in the market for a saddle for a high withered horse? The you have come to the right place. We offer saddles at the lowest price, good value and a generous 3 Month return policy to ensure the best fit for you and your horse.

High-withered horses can be difficult to find a suitable saddle for as their high withers and narrow shoulders does not fit a standard saddle tree. A great saddle for a high withered horse will allow maximum wither clearance but still being close contact without any pressure points. A high wither saddle pad can also be used in combination as it eliminates any pressure on the horse’s spine.

 An ill-fitting saddle can cause longterm back problems for your horse, make sure you consider both the shoulder blade clearance, length of the spine and maximum clearance over the wither when picking your new saddle.

High-withered horses such as thoroughbreds and saddlebreds can be more difficult to fit a saddle to as many saddles will push pressure on their withers at the front of the saddle. The horse's high withers and narrow shoulders will not fit a medium gullet standard saddle. An ill-fitting saddle and poor saddle fit can do alot of damage to your horse's back so make sure you take your time to find the perfect saddle for your horse.

pictures of high withered horses

How to find a new saddle for high withered horses: 

1) Decide what type of saddle you want - Which riding discipline do you do? Jump, dressage, all purpose, western or a stock saddle. Leather saddle or a synthetic saddle?

2) Narrow Gullet Size (6") - Look for brands that manufacture a narrow saddle with an Adjustable gullet or fitted with a narrow gullet.

3) Find a reputable saddle fitter - high withered horses can be tricky to find a saddle for, so once you've found the brand and style you're after. Make sure you get your saddle fitter out to make sure its the perfect fit and doesn't touch the horse’s spine.

Is a treeless saddle better?

A treeless saddle is probably not a good option for a high withered horse as it lays flat on the horse’s back where the rider’s weight will put pressure points on the spine and wither if the horse has a really high wither. So stay away from treeless saddles if you own a high withered horse. It can still be a great option for a horse with a flat wither.

is a treeless saddle better for high withered horse

Photo: Synergist 

What size gullet for a high withered horse?

High wither horses tend to fit best in a narrow gullet - 6". Horse owners can either buy a saddle with an adjustable gullet or already fitted with a narrow gullet. The saddle design and proper saddle fit is also important to consider with a saddle fitter. An Australian stock saddle is a great option if you need a saddle for high withers with a short back as it doesn't have as big of a skirt as a western saddle.

best saddle high withered horse

Photo: Saddlery solutions 

Best saddle pad for high withered horse

Finding the right saddle pad for a horse with prominent withers can take a bit of trial and error. As a general rule a cutback saddle pad works for high withered horses as it keeps the saddle from putting pressure on the spine and allows maximum wither clearance on top of the withers. Or alternatively a numnah half pad with extra padding can be a great option too. cut back saddle pad

High wither saddle for sale:

  • Western Saddle for high withered horse
    Whether you are looking for cutback saddles or barrel racing saddles - the best saddle will be the one that is putting pressure over a larger surface area (and not directly on your horse's wither).
  • Stock Saddle for high withered horse

  • English Saddle for High withered Horse
    For an english saddle built with gussets - there is an extra challenge finding the perfect saddle as dressage saddles tend to be built on a deep seated tree. The deep rear gussets distributes the rider’s weight and makes it less uphill. High withered horses therefore need a saddle with a narrow tree, to allow for maximum wither clearance. A good choice is a dressage saddle already fitted with a narrow tree with a sharp angle or has an adjustable gullet that can be adjusted to narrow withers

Horse owners should always work with an experienced saddle fitter - especially when trying to fit a high withered horse. Whether its for leisure riding, trail riding, barrel racing, or to be used with beginner riders - we have the saddle for you! Great value, quality leather seat.

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