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cantle on a saddle

Cantle On A Saddle - English & Western Cantle Types

Cantle on English saddle The cantle on an english saddle is the raised part on at the back of the saddle behind the seat. The cantle keeps the rider secure...

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how to measure a saddle gullet

How to Measure a Saddle Gullet

What is the gullet on a saddle? A gullet on a saddle is a metal bar that is slightly bent (similar to a coat hanger) sitting inside the saddle above the horse's wither....

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Parts of a Horse Saddle (Western & English)

What are parts of a Horse Saddle? There are many types of horse saddles you can ride in, including: Western saddle, Australian stock saddle, Jump Saddle, Dressage saddle and Endurance saddle. Parts of the...

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how much do saddles weigh

How Much Do Saddles Weigh

Are you on the hunt for a lightweight saddle? Are you trying to lessen the weight on your horse's back or are you a heavier rider that needs a lighter...

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