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7 Myths about the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Kentucky Mountain horse is a gaited American breed that originates from Eastern Kentucky. What are Kentucky Mountain saddle horses used for? They are known to be easy keepers with good conformation, calm demeanor and regularly used as riding horses, farm work, trail riding and in the show ring. Their extra natural four-beat gait makes them comfortable to ride in rugged terrain. They come in a range of colors including solid color and spotted. The best gaited horses - Rocky mountain horses, Paso fino, American saddlebred and Tennessee walking horse are also apart of the smooth gaited family and are close cousins to this Kentucky mountain saddle horse breed. Mountain horse registries includes mountain pleasure horse association and rocky mountain horse association. A beautiful color breed popular amongst trail riders in the state of Kentucky.

kentucky mountain saddle horse

Photo: Ehorses

1) Kentucky Mountain saddle horse and a Rocky Mountain Horse's are the same breed

False. So what's the difference between a Kentucky Mountain horse and a Rocky Mountain Horse? The Kentucky mountain horse does not have a specific coloring while the rocky mountain horse which is known for its chocolate color. The Rocky mountain horse is also larger, smallest is 14.2hh while the Kentucky mountain horse can be as small at 11hh.

2) Kentucky Mountain horses are ponies

True (for some). Kentucky Mountain horses range from 11hh to 16hh in height in the United states. So they can be a pony or a normal size horse. The breed used to be smaller but has been bred larger in modern days. The two size classifications with the Kentucky mountain saddle horse association are Pony size: 11hh to 13.3hh and Horse size: 14hh to 16hh. They can also be registered with the spotted mountain horse association. Don't let their size fool you, they are still a powerful horse that used to be used for farm work.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Photo: Pinterest 

3) The Kentucky Mountain saddle horse is from Kentucky

True. This equine breed originates from Eastern Kentucky.

4) Kentucky Mountain saddle horses have an extra natural 4-beat gait 

True. The kentucky mountain horse can perform all normal gaits as a non gaited horse (Walk, trot and canter). The also have a ave an extra ambling gait called the single-foot. This gait tends to be more comfortable to sit to than trot as they always have one hoof on the ground and is not as bouncy as trotting. Which makes them very popular horses for trail rides, rough terrain and riding long distances.

How to ride a Kentucky Mountain Horse

Photo: Smooth four-beat gait: Equine Now

5) Kentucky Mountain saddle horses are expensive

False. They are actually quite affordable as they are mainly used for trail riding. How much does a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse cost?

Equine Now are currently advertising Kentucky mountain horses between $2000-$10,000.

kentucky mountain saddle horse

Photo: Mountains of kentucky Wikipedia

6) Kentucky Mountain saddle horses are spotted

True. Some Kentucky Mountain horses can be spotted. 

7) Kentucky Mountain horses can't canter

False. Can a Kentucky Mountain horse canter? The answer is yes! They can canter. So how do you ride a Kentucky Mountain Horse - horse trainers usually focus on riding them gaited to prevent them from falling out of the ambling gait and developing bad habits.


 Photo: Trail horse with excessive white markings Ehorses


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