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    9 Best Roping Saddle Brands (In the US)

    October 28, 2022 3 min read

    Roping is a rodeo discipline where riders compete to capture cattle. Buying a new saddle in a jungle of different brands can be a tedious task. Whether you are looking to do ranch work, trail riding or team roping - you need a quality saddle made of the best materials that will fit a variety of horses. The best roping saddles will keep you secure in the saddle while still having freedom of movement, and fit you and your horse comfortably. The saddle needs high-quality leather and a deep seat to last for years. A roping saddle is not a small invested hence we have made a list of the top 9 best saddlery stores selling roping saddles in United States today. The following list are based on popularity in the USA 2023 based on number of google searches.

    1) Billy Cook Saddle

    Founded in 1953 - The Billy cook saddlery are a premium western saddle company offering western and roping saddles.

     billy cook roping saddle

    Photo: Billy Cook

    2) Circle y Saddles

    Circly y roping saddles are one of the best knowns roping saddles brands. Their best sellers are their barrel racing saddles but they also make popular roping saddles. They may not be the cheapest but definitely one of the best made roping saddles.

     circle y saddles for roping

    Photo: Circle Y Roping Saddles

    3) Cactus saddlery

    Cactus saddlery stocks a smaller range of roping saddles, they are more premium priced and still very popular. Each saddle can be customized to your preference.

     cactus saddles - best roping saddle brands

    Photo: Cactus roping saddle

    4) Corriente Saddles

    The Corriente saddle company are made and designed by roping riders. They offer a huge range of affordable roping saddles.

     best roping saddle brands - corriente saddlery

    Photo: Corriente saddles

    5) Martin Saddlery

    The Martin saddlery offers ready made roping saddles and custom made saddles. The Martin roping saddle is very popular amongst ropers.

    best roping saddle brands - martin saddlery 

    Photo: Martin roping saddle

    6) Dakota Saddles

    The Dakota roping saddle is a quality saddle offered at an even more affordable price. Dakota states that they can keep lower prices as they don't hold stock, all saddles are custom made hence they don't have overheads from stocking saddles.

    dakota roping saddle

    Photo: Dakota Roping saddle 

    7) NRS Roping Saddles

    NRS carries both their own brand of NRS Saddles and other popular roping brands. They offer a more premium priced roping saddle suitable for both team and calf roping.

     nrs roping saddle

    Photo: NRS Roping saddle

    8) Coats Saddlery

    Coats saddlery offers custom made roping saddles with a very user friendly customization website, you can choose anything from the tooling, color and seat style. All their saddles are made locally in the United States.

     coats saddlery - best roping saddle brands

    Photo: Coats roping saddle

    9) Trent Ward Saddles

    Offering both custom roping saddles and ready to go roping saddles - Trent Ward saddlery are known for their generous 10 year warranty and quality saddles. They are not necessarily the largest roping saddle brand in the United States but they do have one of the best reputations due to them being a family owned company that cares about their customer.

     best roping saddle brands - trent ward

    Photo: Trent ward

    Those were the top 9 best saddle brands for roping saddles in the United States. The list was based on popularity and google searches in 2022, we usedsemrush as our source. A majority of the brands allows you to customize yourperfect saddle with unique designs and options to customize the saddle trees, hand-tooled skirt, stainless steel hardware made of the highest quality materials. Custom-made saddles can be made to meet the demands of roping and team ropers. Custom-made saddles are also offered for a wide range of saddle types for western riding including barrel saddles, trail saddles, pleasure saddles and ranch saddles. 

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