Passier Compact Dressage Saddle

  •  Popular model for shortbacked horses
  • Combines a short contact surface for the horse with a significantly larger and more comfortable seat for the rider.
  •  The panels give the horse greater freedom for the withers and the new W-girth arrangement ensures that the saddle remains firmly in place: whilst pressure is taken off the horse´s shoulder at the front, at the back the strap exerts just the right pressure in precisely the area where the greatest hold is required.
  • Material: Leather Seat and knee inserts: Jupa leather
  • PS saddle tree
  • Deep seat
  • Thicker thigh supports
  • W-girth arrangement
  • Freedom panels
Passier Worldwide Warranty
All Passier products are handmade from top-quality materials – and are subject to constant quality control during the production process. That’s how Passier saddles, bridles, and accessories meet the highest Passier standards for quality. Guaranteed. Worldwide.
There is a special warranty on all Passier saddle trees. Passier guarantees – for 5 years on all PS saddle trees and for 10 years on all synthetic saddle trees, starting from the date of manufacture – that there are no concealed defects.