Kentaur ‘Neo’ Non Slip Saddle Pad

The Kentaur ‘Neo’ Non Slip Saddle Pad is a quality full-size saddle blanket with a waffle wicking inner fabric on the inside. Perfect for keeping the saddle pad from slipping, this is one of our most popular KenTaur products!

It has a quilted outer material to wick away moisture and promote air flow, and a neoprene half pad shaped non-slip overlay on the outer. This extra padding makes it highly comfortable for the horse and helps the saddle stay in place, as well as stop the saddle pad from slipping around. The waffle wicking inner fabric also aids with air flow, preventing uncomfortable sweat build up. 

 It is available in Black, White or Navy, in Dressage and Jumping styles. Also available with non gel inserts for sensitive backed horses. Machine washable.