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    Famous Saddle Bronc Riders

    October 12, 2022 2 min read

    The Most Famous Famous Saddle Bronc Riders

    What is saddle bronc riding? Saddle bronc riding is a rodeo event where a saddle is allowed, compared to in the standard bronc riding style where the rider is bareback. However saddle bronc riding is still viewed to be the most difficult rodeo event as the rider can only hold on to a rope attached to the horse's halter. If the rider touches the horse or his body with his hands he is disqualified. In the sport of rodeo, saddle bronc riding is very popular and draws large crowds every Saturday night in United States. It can be argued who is the Best Bronc Riders of all time - our list of the top bronc riders names is based on total world champion titles and earnings.

    famous saddle bronc riders

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    World champion Saddle Bronc riders (with the most wins in modern times)

    In the history of saddle bronc riding, there used to almost always be one rider that was way ahead of its competition and won multiple world champion titles in a row. However since Billy Etbauer's last win in 2004, there has not been a defending champion that have won the world titles consecutive years. The Wright family has been dominating with the father Cody Wright winning 2 world titles and his sons Ryder Wright and Stetson Wright winning recently too. 

    1. Dan Mortensen - 6 time world champion -$2,555,716 in final earnings
    2. Billy Etbauer - 5 time world champion - $3,015,377 in final earnings.
    3. Clint Johnson - 3 time world champion
    4. Cody Wright - 2 time world champion (on prorodeo hall of fame)
    5. Ryder Wright - 2 time world champion

    Who is the best rodeo cowboy ever

    Whether you are a bull rider, bronc rider, or any bull riding events - the top of the sport of professional rodeos is listed below (based on total earnings). You can't just be a great American cowboy to make it to the top, it requires training from an early age and professional cowboys are just getting better, stronger and most skilled every year. The best rodeo cowboy ever based on number of world titles in Don Gay. Don won 8 bull riding world championships from 1974 to 1984. He is since then known as the king of the cowboys. He wrote rodeo history with his wins and is known as the greatest bull rider of all time. 


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    Types of Western Rodeo Events

    The professional rodeo cowboys association recognizes the following rodeo events

    • All-around
    • Bareback riding
    • Saddle Bronc riding
    • Bull Riding
    • Steer Wrestling
    • Team Roping
    • Tie down Roping
    • Steer Roping
    • Barrel Racing
    • Breakaway Roping

    famous saddle bronc rider

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    If you can make it down to the rodeo arenas on a Thursday night or Saturday night it is well worth your time! Watching a bucking horse with a rodeo star is an adrealine kick and the screaming crowd and prize money makes it even more exciting. One of the most exciting events of the year is the wrangler national finals rodeo, held in Las Vegas in 2022.

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