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8 Most Popular Cold Blooded Horse Breeds

Despite the name cold-blooded breeds and hot-blooded breeds, the name does not have anything to do with the horse’s body temperature. Cold blooded horses tend to be heavier larger type horses such as a draft horse. They originate from colder countries hence their name 'cold blooded' horse breeds. Cold bloods tend to have a calm temperament and known as gentle giants. Heavy draft horses was originally used for farm work and agricultural work, however in recent years draft breeds are used for trail riding, pets and harness driving. Draft horses are known for their ability to pull heavy loads over long distances, a trait necessary for military purposes and farming back in the day. They are also versatile animals, working in many different environments and adapting easily to new surroundings.

 A cold blooded horse is not a particular breed but made up of lots of different breeds.

The top 8 most popular cold blooded horse breeds include:

1. Shire Horses - Also known as the largest horse breed in the world

cold blooded horse breeds

2. Percheron Horses - Often cross bred with thoroughbreds to create a sport horsecold blooded horse breeds

    3. Friesian Horse - known for their majestic looks

    cold blooded horse breedsPhoto: Friesian horse club

    4. Irish draught - Originates from Ireland and very popular to cross breed with thoroughbreds to create a Irish Sport horse

    cold blooded horse breeds

    Photo: Tumblr

    5. Belgian draft - Developed in North America, known for their chestnut red color.
    cold blooded horse breeds

    Photo: Flickr

    6. Ardennais - One of the oldest cold blooded horse breeds. Stockier and not as athletic. Great for heavy work.

    Photo: Alchetron

    7. Clydesdales - especially known for the Budweiser clydesdales commercials

    cold blooded horse breedsPhoto: Equine Now

    8. Haflinger - A stunning pony sized cold blooded horse breed.

    haflinger - cold blooded horse breedsPhoto: Facebook 

      Benefits of Owning a Cold-Blooded Horse Breed

      There are a number of benefits of owning a cold-blooded horse breed. Cold-blooded horses are typically more comfortable in colder climates as they can grow thick coats and tend to be easier to keep weight on than hot blooded horses. Their calm demeanor makes them great family horses and pleasure riding. They are also very majestic looking because of their size and great harness driving horses.

      Hot-Blooded Horses

      There are many breeds of horses that are known for their hot-blooded temperament. These horses are bred to be lighter boned and can be used for most disciplines. The Kentucky Derby winner, Secretariat, is a thoroughbred and one of the most famous hot-blooded horse breeds. This breed is high energy , but they are also some of the most beautiful horses in the world. Thoroughbreds are also very popular in the show ring. Another popular hot blooded light horse breeds is the Arabian horse, a fine boned horse breeds with an elegant head and long legs. Most hot blooded horses originates from the Middle east. As Hot bloods are lighter horses they also tend to be more suitable for showjumping and eventing.

      Warm-blooded Horses 

      Warmblooded horses are horses is the result when you mix a cold and hot blooded horse. Warm blooded horses are the most popular horses to use for english disciplines and equestrian sports such as Dressage and Showjumping. They also tend to be the more expensive horse breeds because of their athletic ability. Some of the most popular warmblood breeds include:

      • Dutch warmblood
      • Holsteiner horses
      • Danish warmblood
      • Swedish warmblood
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