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    3 Best Australian Saddle Brands

    November 01, 2022 3 min read

    An Australian saddle is a mix between a Western saddle and an English saddle. It features knee pads, a deep seat and fenders or traditional flaps (similar to a dressage saddle), it doesn't have a saddle horn like western saddles do. An Aussie saddle is a great trail riding saddle and is popular as a 'breaking saddle' when starting new horses as it keeps the rider extra secure.


    Stock saddles are also slightly lighter than Western saddles, making them a good saddle for long hours in rough terrain as it provides maximum comfort for both the horse and rider. Check out our list of Australian saddle makers below, all are genuine Australian stock saddle brands based in Australia: 

    1) Syd Hill Saddles

    Syd Hill & Sons have been making high quality saddles for 150+ years. Founded by John Hill in 1865, it is the oldest Australian stock saddle brand still in business. Syd Hill was originally known for its traditional stock saddle the Syd Hill Suprema saddle which is a traditional flap stock saddle with knee rolls. It was a best seller for 50+ years before taken out of the production line in the early 2000s.

    best australian saddle brands

    The modern Syd Hill saddles are very popular amongst Australian trail riders as the premium saddles comes with an adjustable gullet, allowing them to be fitted to most horses. Syd Hill's new Gibson Half breed saddle is the best seller of 2023, making it an ideal choice for a stocky quarter horses and it can be adjusted to x-wide to fit perfect over the horse’s back. Syd Hill offers a closer contact stock saddle than follows the shape of your horse, with a comfortable seat. Their premium models sell at $1800+ while their economy collection retails at only $895. Syd Hill does not sell to the public directly but through saddleries all over Australia. Saddles Now LLC is an authorized reseller in the United States.

    2) Kent Saddlery

    Established in 1988, Kent Saddlery is a lovely family business owned and operated by the founder Lyle and Helen Kent, and their extended family. Lyle Kent worked at cattle stations and had a dream of becoming a saddler after spending years of repairing saddles. Kent saddles are handcrafted in Australia made from a solid piece of leather which can be customized with stamping and laser printing.

    best australian saddle brands

    Photo: Kent saddlery

    They have extended their product collection offered to a range of horse tack and tools, and their slogan reads - 'going the extra mile since 1988'. Kent Saddlery sell directly to the public and does not focus on wholesaling but offers it occasionally to approved saddleries. 

    3) Toowoomba Saddlery 

    Founded in 1968, Toowoomba saddlery started by repairing saddles and selling leather strapping. Today, the saddlery is one of the largest importer of leather goods to Australia, they now sell to over 700+ saddleries all over Australia. They stock one of the largest product ranges for stock and western horse tack in Australia.

    best australian saddle brands

    Photo: Oz Saddle

    In recent years they also offer synthetic tack following customer demand. Toowoomba saddlery does not sell to the public directly, only through wholesale saddleries with brick and mortar locations throughout Australia and New zealand


    The common denominator for all of these 3 popular Australian saddle brands is that they were all founded in Queensland Australia. There must have been something in the water! Looking to buy a new saddle? Send an email to our email address and we will find the best horse saddle suitable for your needs. We offer free shipping, and complimentary stirrup leathers, stirrups and girth with all horse saddles orders.

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